JTS Farmstore Services

"Our Outstanding Products and Service are Pivotal in Growing Your Success."

• JTS Farmstore
strives to be the Leader in irrigation
technology and solutions in Southern Idaho.

Farmstore is recognized for it's excellence, outstanding service,
innovative designs and continual education in our industry.

• JTS Farmstore
is committed to providing a full line of high quality
agricultural products and support to our customers.

JTS is proud to offer these services

• Pivot servicing, we service all types and brands of pivots
• Complete irrigation system design and installation
• Pump station design and installation
• Pump installation and repair
• Pivot school
• Trenching and wire plowing
• Boom truck services
• Backhoe services
• Mobile welding
• Mobile pipe press
• Mobile concrete truck
• Pipe installation
• Electrical service
• Pipe threading
• Parts delivery to our local customers
• Tool rental
• Routine vehicle maintence and service


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JTS is also a Tire Factory dealer that can take care of all your tire needs. Contact JTS Farmstore today for more information!